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  • Lake Pukaki, (NZ) with Mount Cook, under clouds, in the background. November 2015.
  • Brien "Bikesmith" Smith and friends in Gold River. You can't beat the ride in on Hwy 28.
  • While doing the Colorado BDR, Cottonwood Pass made for a good photo.
  • Here we're overlooking Bahia de los Angeles. while motorcycling in Baja last March.
  • My first taste of Argentina driving was fabulous. Great roads with no traffic, a biker's dream.
  • Having lunch with some new friends in Argentina, November 2012.
  • Driving on Hwy 38 through Urewera National Park (NZ) gave me 100 km of road like this.
  • The "48 State Plus" finishers at the Hyderseek Rendezvous in Hyder, AK in 2007.
  • The Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route (BDR) in July/14 with some friends.
  • My first "Ayres Adventures" tour, Germany to Norway. This tour company is first class!
  • My son & I riding over a mountain in Norway while on an Ayres Adventure tour.
  • Riding the "48 States Plus" in May/07 the only snow was this tiny bit in Montana.
  • Bear Glacier on Hwy 37A while heading into Stewart BC in 2007. It's getting smaller every year.
  • Then there was the time my friend got lost and had to ask for directions....


Dec. 2015


For as long as I can remember, one of my happy places has been driving a motorcycle.

The longer the ride the better!

A five week, 10000 km motorcycle ride around New Zealand is a good example!

Now that I’ve turned 60 and am well into retirement I’d like to keep on riding for as many years as possible.


So going forward, here’s an open invitation to anyone out there:


If you’d like to go for a motorcycle ride sometime, let’s talk.

Some of the destinations I’ve been thinking about are Germany, Sweden, Amsterdam, Brazil, Morocco, the Isle of Mann and New Zealand one more time.

Give me a shout if you’re interested.

chris white



  1. Hey I am working on local contacts for you in NZ. If you are away before we talk I will get in touch here with info

  2. Hey Chris. Thanks for calling in to see us the other day. Its people like you that make my job fantastic. Tracy and I wish you all the best for the final few days of your trip and wish you a safe flight home.
    Karl and Tracy
    On The Quay

    1. Karl and Tracy, it’s small business operators like yourselves that make the world go around. Your fish was so fresh and so delicious that I’m the one that should be thanking you. So I’m a little behind on the web site right now, been riding lots, but keep an eye on it as I hope to finish up once I’m back at home!
      And if you ever think about coming to the west coast of Canada….my house is your house. cheers mate

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