Costa Rica – PT. 2

21 Apr

It’s Easter “week” here in Costa Rica. Much of the country shuts down for the entire week, kind of like spring break back home. School’s out and many of the businesses close their doors for the entire week. Having said that, it means destination vacation spots are booked up and highways are going to be busy all week.

So I started the week getting caught up on laundry, it was time. Was a little surprised to find out the washing machine didn’t work so I had to wash some by hand. Hopefully it’ll be a long time before I ever have to do it again. I didn’t know it at the time, but Donna had a new one coming soon.

laundry day
All in a day’s work. Not something I want to do again soon.

As it turned out, the washer showed up the very next day. Oh well. If I hadn’t done my laundry it would have been another week.

Unloading the new washer
Better late than never.
T.J. Watt Kids Jersey src=”×199.jpg” alt=”the counrtyside” width=”333″ height=”221″ /> Some of the inland countryside.








Here’s some photos taken over the next few days.

most of the roads are twisty and slow
On the way North to La Fortuna.
a little taste of New Zealand sort of
A little like New Zealand roads, only without shoulders and much more traffic.


another countryside photo
Farming is done where ever it can be done.


year round production of food
It’s not supposed to rain in April. There was clouds and rain in the late afternoon for most of a week.


Local stream
There are lots of streams and rivers n Costa Rica, a bit like home but very different.


Roadside pub on the outskirts of La Fortuna
After the drive to La Fortuna, it was time to get a bite to eat.

La Fortuna is only seventy kilometers north of Angel Valley yet it took two hours to drive there. Roads so twisty that the speed limits ranged from 40 to 50 KPH only. On the way in there was a rear ender incident that I went by. The van driver looked pretty upset and was taking pictures of the two vehicles. No need for me to stop and gawk.


roadside incident
Returning from La Fortuna I saw the crash vehicles hadn’t moved. Other people had stopped so I did to.


The driver of the van was still at the scene and another guy had stopped so did I. He told me that there were two young kids in the car and as soon as they plowed into the van they grabbed their beer and just took off on foot. On the way home it started to rain and I got soaked for a few miles. Then the rain stopped and in a few miles I was dry again. Also had a bit of fun riding with locals that came up on me along the way. Fun, fun, fun. Then it started raining again and they stopped. I was in “get home” mode now and just kept going.

Along the way to Alteras
Next day on the way to Alteras. I wanted to do the same twisty road we did on the bus over a week ago.


Alteras restaurant for lunch
Lunch in an Alteras restaurant. Great friendly service and delicious food.



Parked out front
Interesting parking on this drastically sloped road’s edge.



stream on the way to ALTERAS
There are streams and bridges all over the country.
Good old drug store
April 15th I got up out of bed and could hardly walk…


Remember that “bit of bacon just for fun” that I picked up at the market several days ago? Well I must of eaten too much because waking up in pain on April 15th I knew immediately that gout had hit, big time. Of course this was something I was familiar with and knew I hadn’t packed my “special pills”. The good news is there are pharmacies everywhere and all I had to was get some help online with translations and find a pharmacy. They don’t close for holidays. You sure don’t need any prescriptions here and buying the drugs I needed was simple. Within six hours of popping my first pill I could feel an improvement. Thank goodness.


neighbour's cow visiting
A visit from one of the neighbour’s cows. Worked on the web site today while the gout situation continually improves.


Grandchild sized moto
Cute little motorcycle looks perfect for the grandchildren, right Jo?


Met a new friend from Argentina while waiting for the oil change
This fellow from Argentina was on his way home. He figured it’d take about four weeks.


Oil change by Alejo
Alejandro Villanueva Jersey height=”596″ /> Alejo in the shop, just finishing up the oil change.

The oil change cost $7000 colons or less than $17.oo CDN. I’m okay with that and the motorcycle was much happier.

Beauty AND cell towers everywhere
Beauty everywhere in Costa Rica and cell towers also everywhere in Costa Rica.



Typical Costa Rica grocery store
Getting some more coffee for the house at a very typical neighborhood grocery store.


I’m on my way to the Monteverde cloud forest today and went through torrential downpours, hot sunshine, thunder and lightening along the way. Traveling along the Pan American highway there was a steady stream of trucks on this two lane highway. The main artery through Central America carries a lot of product. Along the way I found a nice little stop for some lunch.


restaurant on pan american highway
The Caballo Blanco Restaurant looked like an inviting place to eat.

With the clouds getting darker and rain close again I thought this would be a good time to stop and “refill my tank”. If I was going to be riding in more rain going into Monteverde I would be doing it on a full stomach. A delicious salad and a bowl of chicken soup and I was ready to roll. In the ninety minute stop over it went from sun to torrential downpour and back to sun again.

Watching lightening and listening to thunder as a storm rolls in during lunch
The lightening wasn’t far away and the rain would be here soon.


Pan American highway is the longest highway on the planet
The Pan American Highway runs through all of the Americas, making it the longest highway on the planet.


road into monteverde
The road towards Monteverde was the same as most roads. Curved, slow and no shoulders. A lovely drive.


The last 15 miles were gravel and not too bad a shape until the last couple of miles which were a bit ugly. A very beautiful countryside.


Heading to monteverde
Just another beauty day on the planet earth!


The rain held off until the last five miles so all in all it’s been a wonderful day on the road. Once in Monteverde the roads in town are all paved and I popped into the Tourist info centre to find out exactly where the Hotel El Viandante was. It didn’t take too long to find it, but their sign was a little small and off the road a bit so I missed it the first time. I was able to park my motorcycle next door in the owners carport which was in a gated yard so it was very safe. I liked the set up and the people were friendly so I booked both nights here.


Breakfast included, it was ham and eggs this morning and a wonderful cup of coffee. Locally grown coffee and some of the best I’ve had on this trip. After breakfast I booked a tour to Aventura. They would be picking me up at 10:15 and taking me up to the longest zip line in Central America. Never done anything like that before.


breakfast in El Viandante hotel
Lovely place to start the day.


view from <a href=
Alejandro Villanueva Authentic Jersey hotel dining room” width=”900″ height=”596″ /> Looking out towards town and another tower.


driving hrough town picking up customers
Driving around picking up people for the Aventura Adventure Park.


Another happy Costa Rican, our bus driver
Our driver, these people are always happy!


being greeted at Aventura
Our park introduction outside the reception area.


reception area
Inside the reception area we pay and leave our belongings with the staff.


here goes nothing
All suited up, this is going to be an adventure all right!


1 Group photo at Aventura
The group shot at the beginning. Safety and the correct technique was important before we went anywhere.



2 Rooky status first time ever
My first try, doing everything wrong of course.



3 second try and getting a bit more comfortable
Second line was longer and I was getting a bit more comfortable, but still had to work on my braking technique.


4 Now Chris just hold on to this and step off
Now he tells me to just hang on and jump down. You’re kidding right?


5 getting more comfortable now on first long one
Now the first long line and I was getting right into it by now. Just a wonderful view of the forest from along way up.


6 one km long superman
No more hanging on. Flying like Superman for a kilometer and way up in the sky.


7 superman still flying
The staff take lots of photos from various platforms and you can buy them at the end of the adventure.


8 Superman almost across
Can you get a sense of just how fun this is?


Adrenalin will probably always be my favorite natural drug and after a trip through the Aventura Adventure Park it was pumping through every vein in my body. WOW! Never jumped out of a plane before, never bungee jumped before, and never had a chance to ride on a zip line before….

Until today. Not only did I get to ride some zip lines, but also got to fly like Superman on the longest zip line in Central America. It’s also, second longest in the world, way above the forest canopy,  over 1500 meters long, and you  get to do it Superman style, meaning you just hang there and ride. They also saved the best for last, the Tarzan swing. You start on a platform that’s very high in the air, they get you all strapped in and then you just step off of the platform. That feeling of free falling for the first little bit was so exhilarating and then you start swinging, big time. Then they slowly reel you in and lower to the ground.  Back at the reception area everyone on the tour was able to buy all the pictures that were taken along the way and they’d put them either on a CD or a USB if preferred.

Renzo and lovely wife at El Viandante Hotel
Renzo and his charming wife own this business but the cat’s in charge. Couldn’t meet much nicer people.


leaving the el viante hotel
Two nights at this lovely place. Great coffee with meat, eggs and fresh fruit every morning for breakfast.

Heading off this morning to complete a loop. North to Tilaran, including 25 km. of gravel, and then around the Arenal Lake to go by the Arenal Volcano, then back to La Fortuna and then home to Angel Valley. What fun I’d say.

Between Monteverde and Tilaran
Between Monteverde and not to far from Tilaron there are several of these.


Arenal volcano from the lakeside
Time to hydrate and grab a photo while looking out over Lake Arenal with the Arenal Volcano in the background.


Tenorio Volcano from the lakeside turn out
Looking further north is my first glimpse of the Tenorio Volcano in the background.


supporting small business
Couldn’t resist, supporting a local merchant and picking up a small momento of the trip.


arenal from the dam
Now around most of the lake and crossing the dam on the other side. Can you find the bird in this picture?
From the dam still and looking out over the Arenal Lake. Beautiful day to be riding and very little traffic.
up close to Arenal Volcano
My last volcano picture today. Couldn’t have been much better today.



Pt.-2  is now complete.




























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  1. It’s just different way of life. I’m glad you’re enjoying your adventure, to bad you’re by yourself.

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