Costa Rica – PT. 3

27 Apr


arenal volcano
Sure glad this Arenal is sitting quietly, unlike the Turrialba Volcano which has been spewing ash the last few days.


Once I left this Photo Stop! it wasn’t long before I’d be in La Fortuna for my second time. Just on the north side of town I spotted a couple of motorcycles parked at a hotel on the side of the road. The drivers looked like serious bikers Alejandro Villanueva Womens Jersey so I turned around and went to go talk to them. Hugo and Ron were just out for a nice drive and stopped in for a coffee.


The motorcycles lured me back
These two machines caught my eye first, then I spotted their drivers and knew I had to go back and talk to them.


They were just out for a drive and I could just tell right away how much they loved doing that. We had a lovely visit and they now have a place to stay on Vancouver Island when they come north. Neither one had been out of Costa Rica yet.


Two new friends
So glad I turned around to talk to them. I just knew they were part of the “family”.

After exchanging contact info with my newest friends, Hugo and Ron, it was time to head back home. Since coming up here several days ago there was now a detour on the highway. We had to go down a short paved road and then turn onto a gravel road that looked like it had just been built. Another Kodak moment. You just can’t make this stuff up.


a steady stream of traffic
Traffic being diverted through this detour.


an engineering masterpiece
This bridge is an engineering masterpiece and a little different from how they’d do it back home.


another look at the bridge
Here’s a good look at the entire approach.


yet another CR stream
And all of this just to cross another Costa Rica stream.

Once through this little detour the rest of the drive back was uneventful. Although from La Fortuna home the road stayed dry and traffic was extremely light so it was a wonderful uneventful drive.

It’s Sunday now and we’re going to Cartago where Donna’s son Nick lives. Driving through San Jose is quite something, but since it was Sunday traffic was lighter and mellower than it is during the week. Then she took me on Hwy 218 which climbs up over a mountain on a very nice twisty road in an area they call Llano Grande.


On top of Llano Grande mountain
From a viewpoint near Hwy 218’s summit in Llano Grande overlooking Cartago. Pretty hazy, some blame recent volcano action.



Llano Grand mountain with some gardeners
Some of the local bikers. This mountain road is very popular for both motorcyclists and bicyclists.


Nick's house in Cartago
Many of the homes in Costa Rica are surrounded by steel fencing and in many cases there’s barbed wire along the tops.

When we arrived at Nick’s we dropped off our stuff and then headed out for an afternoon drive to Orosi. In Orosi is the oldest church in Costa Rica, but of course I was more concerned about getting some lunch.


afternoon ride for lunch
On the way to Orosi, little traffic, fun roads, Alejandro Villanueva Kids Jersey and did I mention how warm it is?


Oldest church in CR
This church, Iglesia de San Jose de Orosi, was built in 1743.


Orosi for lunch stop
It not always about eating, but it certainly plays an important part of the daily planning.


After lunch we went to see the wood carver that made the big table at the B & B. What a funky little place he has.

The wood carver's workshop
Not the kind of operation you see every day.


Some of his hand crafted work
If I had some room I would have liked to bring a few of these home.

As it was getting late in the day I really wanted to get back to Nick’s place quickly. All I had for my eye protection was my sunglasses and it’s very hard to see once the sun starts going down.





Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, Cartago


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